The Dix Pit Experience


Discarded car parts at the side of the road barely visible amongst the nettles

Wellington boot footprints along the muddy shores of the lake

Heavy iron gates enclosing grass and water and keeping me out

Ducks swimming in murky waters, unaware of the signs

Danger, Active Landfill

Methane smell out of a red tube that moves like a snake on the grass

Deep soil that we will never see - but someone else will

Deceiving Neolithic stones not covered in lichen

Black steel pipes coming out of the earth

Danger, Cold Water

Willows like mangroves at the shores of the lake, dripping big drops after heavy rain

Two identical handwritten signs on a fence: "Keep dogs on lead - Sheep in field"

Cattle eating pellet food from a rusty trough in a pasture field

Invisible badgers making holes in landfill soil

Danger, Pea Algae

Plastic tree guards outgrown by the trunks, polymer skins that last forever

Rubbish mixed with soil, mixed with water, mixed with life

Orange Waxcap mushrooms pointing out in the moss

Big Horse Tail dying en masse with the first frost

Danger, Deep Water

Geese in meadows that are not meadows

Bright red Dog Wood under a grey sky in flux

The artificial appearance of newly created natural space

The natural appearance of newly created artificial space

Danger, Active Quarry, No Trespassing

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